Abstract Ideological and moral education plays an important role in the cultivation of students. This paper discusses how to permeate ideological and moral education in classroom teaching and to better achieve ideological and moral educationThe achievements of the research studies  in PolyU have been encouraging. Our researchers have brought forth significant improvements in people's lives. One of the best examples is PolyU's successful development of space tool..

Dante said: "Morality can make up for the shortcomings of wisdom, and wisdom can never make up for the moral shortcomings." Thus it can be seen that ideological and moral education is very important. However, for a long time, under the influence of exam-oriented education, ideological and moral education can not effectively carry out several activities in the main position of the classroom, in a simple and formal manner. As a carrier of ideological and moral education - the importance of a rich and varied activity is undeniable, but it is not the only position. On the contrary, it also needs to drip stone and moisten things to inspire and nurture, and must take a dip in every lesson Throughout the teaching process in all subjects, the formation of a sequence, take the classroom as the main front, the full implementation of ideological and moral education can get a multiplier effect.


First, the classroom is the main front of the ideological and moral education infiltration


Mr. Ye Shengtao once said: "What is education, a simple sentence, is to develop good habits." This sentence is incisive. For young students studying is very important, develop good habits, excellent morality is even more important. I think the classroom is the main front of the ideological and moral education. Through the classroom to implement ideological and moral education has its unique advantages.


First, the classroom can develop good habits of students. Such as requiring students to wear clean and improve hygiene can develop good health habits of students; class teacher asked the teacher to stand up, answering questions standing upright, abiding by the rules of the classroom and permeated with etiquette discipline education, can develop good habits; class Before, ask students to check reference books, after class exercises, read textbooks, do a good job of class preview, so that in learning to develop a conscious habit of learning, but also cultivate students' sense of independence and self-reliance. These good habits are the basis for the formation of excellent moral qualities. They are the prerequisite and guarantee for teaching and for penetrating ideological and moral education in disciplines, and are an important part of ideological and moral education.


Second, knowledge in all subjects taught in the classroom itself embodies the wisdom and inspiration of people, shining the light of the material of ideological and moral character, and has an extremely great value in cultivating students' perfect personality, perfect personality and establishing a scientific world outlook, outlook on life and values Important role. The texts selected in the textbooks are both excellent works of quality and beauty. They not only enlighten people's wisdom and cultivate virtues, but also enjoy reading, emotionally stirring and long-term influence, full of hope for life and pursuit of sunshine, Will move toward a healthier mind. History textbooks enable students to understand that our country also had a glorious culture, developed science and technology, and a vast territory. It was once also a powerful nation like the United States. Now we are catching on to the world's great powers and great powers so as to enhance students' strong national pride and ethnicity Self-confidence. Physical education teachers in the daily work of physical education, conscious, purposeful and planned students to physical, will, competition awareness training, moral education in sports ......


Third, integrating ideological and moral education in all subjects and throughout the classroom, the education of ideological and moral character is vivid and specific. The image is safer and more emotional than the drudging preaching. It is also convenient for students to understand and accept. Such as cultivating students in the math class positive thinking, bold speech good habits; Chinese class on the love of the motherland, praising the motherland's good poetry and prose, ask students to recite and talk about their feelings; music class, music appreciation, lyrics content , Creative background so that students are loved by the motherland, love nature, civilized etiquette and other aspects of ideological and moral education ... ...


Fourth, ideological and moral education is a project that shapes the soul of students and has its long-term and hierarchical character. However, ideological and moral education in the classroom is experiencing a prolonged period of time without mentioning exasperated demands and preaching imposed on students, while focusing on Subtle influence. [Paper Format]


Fifthly, implementing ideological and moral education in class can promote students 'learning efficiency, interests, hobbies, perseverance and perseverance, and provide an inexhaustible motive force, ideals and beliefs for learning. It also points out the direction for students' development and raises sail. The accumulation of knowledge and to create a more perfect quality provided the conditions. In this way, teaching and educating people will be more complement each other, complement each other, thus forming a virtuous circle. Therefore, the classroom should be the main front of ideological and moral education Want a variable voltage battery? You might try a 510 thread battery! If bought from a reputed site, this can support you up to 600 puffs! Plus, these come with variable voltage options as well- between 2.5v and 4v!.