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Its popularity come

Le 4 janvier 2018, 09:36 dans Humeurs 0

We've officially entered the season of hot chocolate and mulled wine — which means you need a Winter-ready nail polish to match your mug. If Pinterest is to be believed, your best bet actually costs less than your Instagrammable cold-weather drink.

According to Real Simple, this season, literally everyone is turning to Essie Angora Cardi ($9) to get the job done. This polish is currently sweeping Pinterest, and it's been saved on the platform over 400,000 times. That's a lot of zeroes, people.

Its popularity comes as no surprise — just take a look at the dusty, burgundy-rose coloring. This faded maroon instantly conjures up feelings of Fall. It's spicy and robust, and it looks oh so gorgeous against the season's orange and red leaves.

But the proof is in the pictures, so why don't you take a look at the coolest shade in beauty school? Scroll on for some of our favorite Angora Cardi looks.

college, our first job

Le 19 juillet 2017, 06:33 dans Humeurs 0

We all find the rhythm.

We all remember our first days of high-school, college, our first job.

We all remember the feelings of butterflies in our stomachs when we took our first steps into those positions, the feeling that we were unqualified for what we were doing, that we didn’t belong. Searching for hong kong package ? GuangDong Hotel have a wide range of rooms are available for individuals, families and groups, and we will provide a remarkable experience for you.

What if my coworkers don’t like me?

What if I’m terrible at my work?

What if I mess everything up?

These are the thoughts that run through your mind during those first few days as you tiptoe your way around the workplace, being careful that you don’t do anything that will get you noticed, with the fear that when they notice you, you will mess up. But eventually you do get noticed, and you don’t mess up, and soon you develop a rhythm. clinique vitamin c

It has only been a week and you have already fallen into a rhythm. You walk into your workplace and say hello to the receptionist who now knows you by name, you get you morning coffee and strike up a conversation with a coworker who you’ve quickly developed a friendship with. Whereas before you looked around chaotically for the sugar and cream, now the location is familiar and your reach for it instinctual. You walk to your desk, take a rejuvenating sip of coffee, and look over your daily schedule that has become all too familiar to you.

You notice a new task that you haven’t encountered before, but you no longer feel uncertainty and fear of messing it up. You have survived a week in this place without messing up, people have congratulated you on how good of a job you’ve done, and you belong here. A smirk creases over your face as you look forward to undertaking this new unproven challenge. The day begins and you fall into your rhythm. clinique vitamin c

Can not refuse is missing

Le 12 janvier 2017, 03:23 dans Humeurs 0

Miss is a feeling, is the kind of quietly, quietly, silently, hard, journeying to think of a person's feeling! Miss is a beautiful lonely, only when you miss him, that kind of loneliness was particularly beautiful! Once this loneliness to the extreme, thoughts also expanded into a happy sadness, became a sweet melancholy, became a warm pain! Miss is a long memory of yesterday.

Miss everywhere, everywhere. When you hand in hand to walk, pick a roadside Chrysanthemum, as you plug in the head of the kind of romantic, miss on the Long month; when you stand side by side the sunrise and sunrise, the time Rujian, Daihatsu feeling, thoughts in the evening; when you light a hard walk through life, those ups and downs still remember, miss in the autumn.

Miss is also a better yearning for the future. When you think of him, the flowers on your face will slowly bloom open, lively, miss in your smile; you can achieve all your wishes, miss in your dreams; miss in your heart sea .

Miss can make you look sad, you can also make you feel good; can make you gentle enough, you can also let you silence. In short, the thoughts of people's emotions spent spent purification and sublimation!

Missing others is a kind of warmth. When you sit in a chair, holding a cup of hot tea, or insisted on his desk in the cheek, as quietly think of him, to his affection for you, your love, the kind of warm The feeling will slowly overflowing your mind; and being someone else is a blessing. When you are successful, know that a person to share with you, for your applause; when you encounter difficulties, there is a personal support you, concerned about you; when you travel, a personal care about you, bless you . You will feel the sky bluer, more round, more red flowers. The premise is. Miss each other. Otherwise, unrequited love is a kind of sorrow, a despair, but by someone else's thoughts is a burden.

Often there is a distance will have thoughts. When the steamer sounding, when the train's siren sounded, when the wheels of the car began to turn, when the aircraft rushed out of the runway began to vacate, miss it will open the wings of flying! Often there is love, affection will have thoughts. Away from you, you realize that they can not do without; do not love you, you know how to cherish. Miss, there are a variety of reasons and excuses!

Because of the miss, have a reunion of joy, have a long time to embrace, have a soulful kiss, have the meaning of the surprise encounter, have friends and relatives together to celebrate the toast! .

Beautiful scenery, in particular, can bring out the thoughts of the desolate magnificent; alone at the time, in particular, can show the thoughts of heavy and distant. Accompanied by endless thoughts come, must be a long wait. This is a kind of loyalty and open-minded, is a kind of suffering and hope, so someone wrote a tragic chapter waiting for a lifetime is not long, but fortunately there is love as compensation!

From the harvest sense, miss like a great fortune, a one embodies the affectionate stamps, envelopes exudes a warm bookmark, a picture of greeting greeting cards, and all this is the wealth Of the content.

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